Deboning lines

We are producing individual and combined deboning lines matching the EU standards.
There are numerous possibilities for the lines produced, like: one / two / three row lines, with automatic empty / full boxes distribution, meat weighting, classification and
evaluation unit and much more. Each line is planned individually according to technical objective received. Our specialist will consult, show “paper” and “real-life” line options, explain each solution difference with its assignment and will provide support when putting the line in operation, teaching the Customer’s staff, working with the line and servicing it.
Constructive, stationary and mobile platforms, elevators, transporters, tables and hanging railways – our own produced.
Technical deboning equipment (cooling and ventilation equipment, saws, sterilizers, knives and other) is chosen from our partner companies product range according to individual technical tasks and goals standing. Due to the vast experience, long-time and successful relationships with food processing machinery market’s most powerful players, we are able to offer high class equipment for the optimally balanced price.