The basis for optimal organization of the work process in a manufacturing company is a well done and rational planed technological process. This can be achieved by technological planning, which then becomes a company’s technological project.
Thanks to the advance planning the company will now, prior to starting the construction process, all the needed information, like the space, equipment, personnel and their qualification required also the optimal cost / timing of the workflow and the necessary financial injections into the project. It does not matter whether a new construction or a reconstruction of an operating factory is planned – at first all ideas are born in the head, afterwards they must be processed by a professional food processing technologist and engineer, who are able to guarantee a fluent work processes overall and individual processes compatibility with each other, which gives a most profitable result of the whole company’s work.

CJSC "EFIS" to this date successfully implemented slaughterhouses, deboning lines, guts processing plants, production of pre-packed goods and many other smaller technological projects, saving our Customers time, money and helping to achieve a smooth startup of the production in optimally possible terms.